Artemis Pflanzenfarb-Pigmente

Artemis Plant Colour Pigments

Artemis plant watercolours are available as ready-to-use liquid paints or as colour pigments.

Artemis plant colour pigments should be pulverised before use, along with a few drops of Artemis wax-resin emulsion, to yield a viscous consistency. Pulverise the ingredients in a mortar with a pestle, adding a few drops of water. It is not advisable to make large quantities of paint in diluted form with water, as the crystalline pigments can lose their edge as a result. If you pause in your painting for a while, the paints will dry in the mortar, forming new crystals. To continue painting, just add a little water again and mix. This way the colours will retain their light quality and luminosity.

Bound up with the crystalline medium, the colour pigments shine from within. Incorporated in an emulsion base consisting of wax and resin, they are surrounded by a fine radiance as they dry.
Notes on the light fastness of the colours
Colour Palette
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