solar energy unveiled

The strengthening and harmonising effect of Artemis plant colours makes them a valuable accessory for use in a therapeutic or educational context. Therapists have confirmed the vitalising and healing influence of the colours on patients whose life forces are low or depleted. The patient's self-healing powers are mobilised, and painting is felt to be "like balsam" in its effect on the soul. Educationalists have been particularly impressed by the way in which a peaceful atmosphere is created, resulting in a collected interiority in which the creative powers of the individual can be reinforced. Watercolours are particularly suitable for use in curative education - and so too are body colours and modelling beeswax.

For children body colours and modelling beeswax are the recommended media. With both of these the effect is not just restricted to the colour - the constitution of the medium is also important, appealing to the skin as a sense organ. With modelling beeswax the warming and the shaping of the medium are an additional factor, stimulating the sensuous development of the child in a very special way.

In creative activity the harmonious composition of the plant colours results in what may be called a "mutual dialogue of colour shades". The multilayering of the plant colours, and the interplay of numerous nuances in a single colour shade, means that the dimension of space is effectively overcome. Mobile colour spaces are the result, in which shaping forces meet the responsive human spirit. A cosmic component comes into play when you immerse yourself so thoroughly in plant colours that they reveal their solar essence.

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