Colour Properties

The special quality of plant colours gives the artist possibilities of expression that cannot be achieved in any other way. In contemplating a work of art we experience the light-filled quality of the plant colours.

light fastness

This light fastness scale is characteristic of the pigment paints. Depending on the product, there may be slight deviations.

pigment/colourlight fastness *
Madder carmine red4
Madder vermilion4
Madder red (pure)4
Kamala orange3
Buckthorn Berries golden yellow3
Mignonette lemon yellow2
Gum-Gutti golden yellow4
Leaf green3
Indigo blue5
Alkanet violet5
Indigo red violet5
Brazil Wood purple3
Madder brown5
Cutch brown4
Walnut brown4
Logwood black5

* Woll scale for light fastness (1 very bad, 8 very good))

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