Artemis Plant Watercolours

Artemis plant watercolours are available as ready-to-use liquid paints or as colour pigments.

The light-imbued quality of plant colours can be most effectively experienced through Artemis plant watercolours. These emphasise in the most beautiful way the living quality and internal luminosity of the colours. The artist finds expressive possibilities that cannot be achieved in any other medium. The harmonising and healing effect of watercolours is also transparently clear. Even the preparatory work is directly related to the experience of colour. The "alchemy" of mixing the ingredients, and the revelation of colour that results, are a joyful activity and matter for amazement. The purely natural ingredients and pleasant scent of the plant resins are also a factor. A deep immersion in the painting process and the full revelation of the forces of light puts the artist in touch with the hidden essence of the plant colours.

These transparent plant watercolours are suitable for all kinds of watercolour technique, but show at their best when used in transparent layering. Layered painting also forms a basis for the intensification of the colour. Bound up with the crystalline medium, the colour pigments shine from within. Incorporated in an emulsion base consisting of wax and resin, they are surrounded by a fine radiance as they dry.

Plants used in the production of our watercolours include mignonette, buckthorn berries, madder, brazil wood, alkanet, indigo, walnut and logwood.

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